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Slots in NENS courses – past calls and awardees Page
PhD position in Synaptic Signalling Mechanisms Along the Gut-Brain Axis Job
Fully-funded PhD positions in Biology, Neuroscience, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry & Materials, Data Science & Scientific Computing Job
PhD position in microbiota-gut-brain axis signalling at Medical University of Graz Job
PhD position in Neuroscience Job
COMPSCI PhD program University of Oslo: PhD positions in biological inspired AI and systems neuroscience Job
PhD Position, Circuit Neuroscience/Postnatal Brain Maturation/Behavior/Metabolism Job
PhD position in Molecular Neuroscience, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria Job
Two PhD positions and a Postdoc position in Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience (m/f/d) Job
2 PhD Positions in the project ‘Blue Networks. How the Locus Coeruleus controls and reorganizes brain activity’ Job
Funded PhD Positions in Neurobiology of Behavior: IMPRS for Brain and Behavior Job
Regional Summer School – “Imaging Neuroinflammation” Training
NENS Exchange Grants: 2019 and 2020 awardees News Article
PhD Position – Brain and Spinal Cord Regeneration (m/f/d) Job
PhD position in Social Decision-Making and Theory of Mind in Hamburg, Germany Job